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Informatics bd is an offshore software that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effectiv offshore development. With a rich and varied experience in providing offshore....ReadMore


An eCommerce website is a vital part of any retailers’ channel mix – in fact for some, it may be your only sales channel! That means you need a site that’s easy to use, processes payments securely and which showcases your products in the best way possible. Enter Fat Media....ReadMore


Android is world's most availed mobile development platform. With more than 71% mobile developers choosing Android, it certainly is a popular and efficient mobile operating system. More and more apps are being developed on Android as it is secure....ReadMore


Software development is a compound of both Arts and Science. Databiz finds the perfect balance between the two, allowing our developers to ingeniously solve the challenges inherent in....ReadMore


The foundations of success are cemented in a comprehensive strategy. At Informatics bd, we understand that each client has a unique brand, market, and opportunity. That’s why we work with....ReadMore


Engaging Content Marketing Content lovers rejoice: the time is now to start enhancing your content marketing. We know that every corner of the Internet is an opportunity to....ReadMore


Informatics bd search engine optimization services are unique to the industry with verifiable results. Our SEO team has a track record of improving the authority of a website with strategic on and ....ReadMore


Consumers often share their experiences with others, especially through social media and review websites. Through reputation management, you can listen to what your customers are saying, respond to any questions or concerns, and monitor how your online presence....ReadMore


When it comes to advertising online, paid search should be in your arsenal. We’re experts with technical know-how with an inventive edge and the list of our successful paid search campaigns is longer than our....ReadMore


Paid Social Services at Informatics bd, we live and breathe social media. It’s our jam. That’s why we provide paid social to help your brand stand out.....ReadMore


Bill Gates said “Content is King” more than 20 years ago, and today’s digital landscape proves it beyond a doubt. Content represents an evergreen opportunity to deliver what your audience wants while driving towards your business goals....ReadMore


Conversion optimization should be a key component of every digital marketing campaign. Its focus is to continuously refine the site’s user experience and conversion flow through AB testing to increase the....ReadMore


Lead Generation Services when running a business, aligning yourself with other companies that can help your bottom line revenue can really make a difference towards your level of success.....ReadMore


ONLINE REPUTATION nearly ¾ of customer feedback and complaints about a company go ignored on social media. What type of message is that sending?....ReadMore


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Informatics bd is an IT consulting, software development and digital marketing farm focused in customized ERP application, mobile application and web-based solutions provider. Informatics bd offers elevated business automation with specialized services of excellent quality, aptitude, performance and objectivity. Founded on the code that ‘Excellent IT Solutions', we assist clients in the execution and integration, development of custom applications, business to business interfaces/applications and optimization applications utilizing custom modeling. We sort out organization's detail necessities and give effort to develop software or application to address their requirements. We try to maintain a good status for our extraordinary attempt after sales support and service in the local & global market. From developing to marketing your product, the whole time, we are committed to maintain quality and communication.